Desktop Companions & Assistants



Is it fun to work for a Major Men's Mag like FHM? Actually it's less glamourous than it sounds.

Imagine you have to search the Internet for Virtual Girls. Guess what you'll find?

Mostly Porn! and characters that are Boring, Shabby and Expensive. You catch annoying Pop-Ads, Spam or even a Dialer faster than you can say "Lara Croft". Therefore I was very skeptical about the DesktopMates, but when I arrived at the site I noticed that all of the required basic Software was free and the site offered Detailed Instructions instead of the notorious Auto-Installs, plus there was a free sample character to try, all without being required to subscribe to anything first. So I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. The basic Program CyberBuddy turned out to be a very useful tool and BRANDY added mature fun just how it should be, without unnecessary obscenities! Now let's talk about artistic Qualities: the CG-Model is above average, even though she is rather busty, the proportions are still realistic, and no plain skin textures or plastic cartoon like surfaces. Her Animations and facial Expressions are slightly over acted, but convincing and BRANDY is definitely alive.

In Summary, if your looking for a cute, sexy and efficient Screen-Secretary, don't look any further, and if you consider all the free Software you've already got, a full version of a DesktopMate Model is a real bargain.

Nic Cramer, Freelancer for FHM Magazine, Germany

I own a number of different Agent characters. Some of the characters from Desktopmates are counted among my favorites. CyberBuddy was designed to allow multiple characters, adding variety to the fun of Agent Interaction. The 3D character's from DesktopMates are fun, realistic, and well animated. They are also very well priced. But, I am also writing here to tell you how pleased I am to link to your site. The comments I have received from people who have gone to your site, through mine, have all been extremely favorable. They talk about great customer service and being pleased with the product.
Keep up the good work!

John DeFino - Author, CyberBuddy

As a 3D graphic artist, I can truly appreciate how much work went into creating your characters. I'm fully capable of creating my own characters. It would take me 3 weeks to create one though! It's much easier to support your company and purchase characters from you for $12.95 a piece. I have 4 now and plan to buy more.
Your models blow the competition away!

Scott & Kathy Giffin - All Pro Graphics

I have loved Microsoft Agents from the very first time I found they existed which is how my web page came to be. When I found the DesktopMates site I had to have the site linked to mine. Then I had to have the DesktopMates agents for myself and they are some of my very favorites in my collection. Their actions are so life like, the animations are Great! Just want to say thank you for all your hard work and for allowing me to get your agent characters out to as many agent people as I can by allowing me to link your site.
Keep up the great work!

Maureen AKA Sunfire
Sunfires Microsoft Agent Web Pages

Gentlemen, I would be pleased to give you an A+. I've enjoyed my 4 desktopmates all night long because that is when I do my work? I had no trouble downloading and getting them started right up. I had trouble with the setup codes on Kimi and Bobbi, But they were right there to set things right in a matter of minutes. I would tell anyone to get them all like I did, and ENJOY. I'm also looking forward to getting Jeannie when she comes out.
Thanks for the babes guys.
P.S. - for better female voices, get the extra english speech engine they recommend from their MSAgent downloads page, it's great and made a BIG difference to them.

Steve Jacaruso - MICHIGAN, USA

I've pondered the question back and forth as to how you do it, and can only come to one conclusion ... you're a genius! Crystal is uncanny. When she smiles or talks, it's not just her mouth that moves, it's all of her facial muscles! Wow! And when she looks at me it's not a blank, robotic stare, but reflecting nuances and intimations of guile and unspoken passion. Yow!
Keep up the great work!

José Gómez Reguera - Mexico

MAN O MAN, you got a winner with these, I hope you know that. I love their size and for once MS Agents for grown ups. They are everything you said they would be, and then some! These Ultra Babes are really a work of art, their beautiful, they pout, they smile , they dance, and the larger size is so nice. The quality and workmanship of these characters are superb, all your hours of programming has paid off, these are truly 3D characters and the PhotoReal technology is unbelievable. I have bought six characters so far with plans to buy four more for my laptop, you just can not beat the price for quality. Just about everything you need is linked to this site, the tech support has you an answer usually in less than 24 hrs and the setup program does all the work for you by automatically installing the character files when you open it.

Al (Big Al) Granger - Texas, USA