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About Speech Recognition

Installing Microsoft's Free Speech Recognition on XP

First you'll need to download the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK Here. Look for the "SpeechSDK51.exe". Note: this is a 68 mb download so you'll need a high speed connection.

NOTE: Microsoft's Speech Recognition is only available in ENGLISH. Answerpad Plus has Speech Recognition capabilites included, the free version of CyberBuddy does not.

It’s a pretty standard installation, but for your convenience we’ve provided the following tutorial.

Click Next.

Accept the license agreement (unless you don’t), then click Next.

Optional. Just click Next if you’d like.

Keep the default, unless you dislike it. Click Next. The installation will start, and show you a finish screen when you’re done.

When it’s done, head to the Control Panel and double click on Speech. You’ll be greeted with the Speech Recognition dialog. Before you can start using Speech Recognition, click Train Profile.

Once you’re finished training your profile, head back to the Control Panel and double-click Regional and Language Options. Click the Language tab. Click Details. Verify that Speech Recognition is listed under English.

Click the Language Bar… under Preferences. Make sure the language bar is set to display on the desktop.

Click the Advanced tab, and make sure Extend support of advanced text services to all programs is checked. Click OK.

Once you’re done, a language bar should appear and you should be able to hit Speech to enable it.

If you have problems installing or using it go here ... How to install and configure speech recognition in Windows XP.