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  • MS Agent Technology
    Details about Microsoft Agent technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
    Information and details for installing and using the Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence program with DesktopMates characters.
  • Speech Recognition
    About adding speech recognition capabilities which allows you to verbally speak commands to your character.
  • About Voices
    Information regarding the speech engines that produce the voices used for this technology.
  • MS Agent Downloads
    Contains FREE downloads to manually install the required Microsoft Agent components and voices needed to operate this technology.

  • Character Galleries
    View the extensive showcase of DesktopMates characters, including Adult oriented models as well as fantasy & theme characters such as Androids, Wizards, Egyptians and our popular Desktop Secretary.
  • CyberBuddy Upgrade
    You can upgrade your free version of CyberBuddy to the speech recognition version which will allow you to give spoken commands to your character.
  • Ultra Hal
    Download the 30 day trial version of the Ultra Hal Advanced Artificial Intelligence program.
  • CD Orders
    Information on ordering various products on CD.
  • AT&T Natural Voices
    Commercial quality voices.

Free Extras
  • CyberBuddy
    The free text to speech version of CyberBuddy.
  • Answerpad
    Answerpad is totally FREE with no trial versions, complete with speech recognition and is compatible with all DesktopMates characters, easy to use and understand, a great entry level program to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Ultra Hal Plugins
    Free plugins for patching your DesktopMates characters into Ultra Hal.
    Free interface skins and brain plugins are also available.
  • Free Add-Ons
    Free Extras and Add-Ons to help you get the most enjoyment possible from your characters. Includes the British English voice engine which is the default recommended voices for DesktopMates characters.

  • Getting Started
    Complete instructions to help New Users get up and running for FREE.
  • Help Resources
    This help page contains a list of resources available to assist you with finding answers to common problems.
  • FAQ
    Our Frequently Asked Questions Section.
  • Customer Support
    Get direct help from the DesktopMates Support Desk