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This help page contains a list of resources available to assist you with finding answers for problems associated with getting your DesktopMates character or CyberBuddy program properly installed and functioning.

New User Instructions
Those that are new to this technology should start here first and get up and running before attempting to install and run any characters. This page contains easy to follow step by step instructions to get you up and running as painless as possible. And everything you need to get started is FREE!

DesktopMates FAQ Help Page
Our FAQ contains answers to the most frequently asked questions and problems.

DesktopMates Customer Support
Can't find an answer to your problem?? Fill out a support form and we'll do our best to help you find an answer to your problem?

CyberBuddy CD version with Speech Recognition.
You can upgrade your free version of CyberBuddy to to the speech recognition version which will allow you to give spoken commands to your character such launching programs, opening web pages from your favorite bookmarks, change characters, dial a phone number of a friend and much more.

CyberBuddy FAQ & Troubleshooting Page
Find answers to problems associated with the operation of your CyberBuddy program.

CyberBuddy Speech Recognition FAQ
Find answers to problems associated with using CyberBuddy's Speech Recognition program.

Ultra Hal Forums
Having troubles getting Ultra Hal to work? Get help from other Hal users by searching or posting your problem in their forums. If you need to contact Zabaware directly their email contact information is also located in their forum section.

Want better sounding female english voices for your DesktopMates?