Animation List for all versions of the Island Girl characters

Animations that denote speech capabilities means a special set of speech animations (mouth movements) was also created to coincide with that animation. Each speech animation set has 7 different mouth movements to emulate the most common phonemes.

  1. Announce - gesture pose with speech capabilities
  2. Blinks
  3. Confused - gesture pose with speech capabilities
  4. Congratulate - a bow with speech capabilities
  5. Decline - folds arms & gestures "NO" with head with has speech capabilities
  6. DoMagic - blows a kiss
  7. Explain - gestures with speech capabilities
  8. Gesture Down Pose - has speech capabilities
  9. Gesture Left Pose - has speech capabilities
  10. Gesture Right Pose - has speech capabilities
  11. Gesture Up Pose - has speech capabilities
  12. Get Attention - knocks on users computer screen with sound effect
  13. Hearing/Listening - puts hand to ear as to listen
  14. Hide - disappears from screen into taskbar with special effect
  15. Idle or rest pose - has speech capabilities
  16. Looks Down - in idle or rest pose
  17. Looks Left - in idle or rest pose
  18. Looks Right - in idle or rest pose
  19. Looks Up - in idle or rest pose
  20. Move Down - character moves downward to new location on users screen
  21. Move Left - character rides surfboard to a new location on users screen
  22. Move Right - character rides surfboard to a new location on users screen
  23. Move Up - character moves upward to new location on users screen
  24. Process - small screen appears displaying the character is processing info
  25. Read - reads from book with speech capabilities
  26. Sad - gets a very sad look on her face with speech capabilities
  27. Search - looks around
  28. Sleep Mode - displays character laying in beach lounge chair after extended period of being idle
  29. Show - appears at startup with special effect
  30. Smiles - during idle or rest pose
  31. Suggest - delivers a suggestion in sexy pose with speech capabilities
  32. Surprised - gets surprised or shocked look on face with speech capabilities
  33. Think - gesture pose as in having a thought with speech capabilities
  34. Waves
  35. Winks - in idle or rest pose
  36. Write - writes in note book

Characters are compiled digital software that include these animations but DO NOT operate by themselves. A characters animations are generated by the Microsoft Agent Core Components. Third party MS Agent applications such as CyberBuddy makes use of these animations and core components to operate and make a character active. The amount of activity and when and what animations are used will mostly depend on the application you are using to operate your character, most of these applications do allow a certain amount of user interaction so make sure to throughly read the documentation and help that came with the application you are using to get the most out of your character.