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Please read the following before purchasing
and installing any DesktopMates characters!

"DesktopMates characters are not stand alone products which can run by themselves and requires Microsoft Agent Technologies to be installed on your computer as well as a program to load and operate them, such as CyberBuddy or Ultra Hal."
Refer to the New User Startup Instruction Page

If you are new to MS Agent technology please FIRST go to our Free Start Up page which contains step by step instructions which will assist you in getting everything you need to get started and up and running including a sample character, all for Free!. This allows you try out our technologies and make sure things work properly on your system before making any decisions to purchase any additional DesktopMates character models.

Ultra Hal Users: If you are already using Ultra Hal but have never used MS Agent characters with the program it is highly recommended you do this as well because Ultra Hal doesn't automatically come with or install all the required MS Agent technology components for you.
Also refer to our Hal Tips Page

Windows 7
Please refer to our new user start up page for info regarding the MS Agent replacement software for Windows 7 and above.

Free New User Start Up

About DesktopMates Character Products:
Important Note: All DesktopMates are Microsoft Agent Standard Compliant Characters. What this means is that we follow Microsoft's defined standard animation sets. Characters that conform to these definitions can be selected as a default character and used with most any MS Agent program. Some characters being offered at other sites do not always follow these standard definitions and therefore may have limited functionality or not run properly in some programs. When purchasing DesktopMates characters you can be confident you're getting a product that has been created by the leading MS Agent Character developer, nobody has more experience in this field than we do.

The gallery categories listed below offer an extensive selection of characters which include adult oriented models as well as fantasy & theme characters such as Androids, Wizards, Egyptians, Secretaries etc. Most of our characters are priced individually at $14.95. There are also various special offers and value priced character packs and bundles offered throughout the galleries. Each character gallery contains screenshots of the actual size that the character model will appear on your desktop along with prices, download sizes and animation lists for each character.
NOTE: The download size of character files have little bearing on a character's actual capabilities. File sizes are mainly reliant on a character's image size and resolution as well as the complexity of the color palette required for various flesh tones, clothing and props etc. Most character's were desgined for optimum clarity and viewing at resoulutions of 1024x768 pixels. Click on the button below for more info regarding screen resolutions and how to change resolution settings on your computer for optimum viewing quality.

NOTE: DesktopMates character products are for personal use only and can not be used in commercially distributed projects or on web sites. To view our End User License Agreement click the "License Agreement" button below.

Character Categories
Select from the categories below to view the character galleries.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Latest Release
View our most recent character release.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Fantasy & Theme Characters
Androids, Wizards and Egyptians etc.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Secretaries and Assistants
Office style characters, ideal for computers and desktops used in the office or work environment.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Adult Models
Adult Oriented Characters.
WARNING: Some characters in this category contain nudity.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Bargain Basement
Special offers & reduced prices on
character bundles.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Head Characters
Characters in this category are close up head (facial) models only.

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