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Character bundles and special offers at discounted prices.

About Special Offers:
Be sure to check out the various specials being offered throughout the galleries as they provide some great savings. To take advantage of our Special Offers you MUST purchase them through the special ad banner links provided. You can not purchase individual characters being offered in a special offer and then come later and purchase another character that's part of the special then request to be reimbursed the difference or ask for other parts of the special to be sent to you. No character product switches or substitutes will be granted.

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Character Categories
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Virtual Desktop Assistants Latest Release
View our most recent character release.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Fantasy & Theme Characters
Androids, Wizards and Egyptians etc.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Secretaries and Assistants
Office style characters, ideal for computers and desktops used in the office or work environment.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Adult Models
Adult Oriented Characters.
WARNING: Some characters in this category contain nudity.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Bargain Basement
Special offers & reduced prices on
character bundles.
Virtual Desktop Assistants Head Characters
Characters in this category are close up head (facial) models only.