Brandy Pack
Purchase & Download Process


Go to ClickBank for Payment & Download Processing
Payment Methods

Once the payment process is complete ClickBank will present a page with a link as shown below.
Go to ClickBank for Payment & Download Processing

ClickBank also provides this link in your email receipt, however this link will only briefly work (if at all).
Download links are protected and set to timeout so they can't be passed around the web.

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Redirection and Download Issues:

If you are using a Firewall or Internet security software such as Norton Security or have your browser's security settings specified to inhibit tracking or site activity, this can cause problems with the redirection process and you should Turn This Off during the payment process so that your payment can be verified and successfully redirect you to the download page.

AOL Users Please Note - some versions of the AOL browser are set by default to inhibit IP tracking, if your unsure about your settings or how to check or change them, we highly recommend using an alternate browser for making your purchase.

If for any reason you experience any problems such as not being redirected to the download page after your payment has been successfully processed, or you lose your connection before the downloads are complete, please do not run your card again, instead go to our Customer Support Page and submit the form provided there and we will manually verify your payment and send you access to the downloads.