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Want better sounding female english voices for your DesktopMates?

Download the British English Speech Synthesis Engine (lhttseng.exe - 3 mb)
Contains both female and male versions.
This is one of the better sounding female MS Agent compliant voices available.
Add a sexy or sophisticated accent to your female or male characters.
This is the recommended default voices used for DesktopMates characters.

Download and try the old original Microsoft Mary Voice (2.4 mb)

Customize some of the announcements made by your DesktopMates Character!

This provides the capability for truly personalizing your characters and have them make some cool or sexy comments.

You can access the Custom Messages window by clicking on the "CyberBuddy" Icon in your task bar system tray to bring up CyberBuddy's main window then click on the "General" tab at the bottom then click "Advanced Options" then click the button marked "Custom Messages". At the top of the Custom Message window there is a drop-down selection for various Message Type functions. Select the Message Type that you would like to change or add messages for. When the Message Type is selected, a list of the messages currently available for that function will be shown. Each message is on a separate line. CyberBuddy chooses messages from the list at random. Make changes to the list as desired. If you do not want messages for a particular function, just delete all the message lines for that message type.

There are a number of special tags that can be placed in the message to alter the speech and attempt to make the message more expressive. In the custom message window, if you click on the help button a window will pop up with some info about using some of these tags. Upper and lower case as well as explanation (!) and question (?) marks can also be used.

Below are some samples to get you started, scroll through the categories below and
copy and paste the ones you want to use into the appropriate CyberBuddy custom message categories.









TIP ... it's possible to change a character's name to whatever you want!
Just go to your character folder C:\WINDOWS\msagent\chars and right click on the character file you want to change and simply rename it to whatever you want.

NOTE: This works with CyberBuddy but some programs may rely on the name that was programmed into the character's software rather than just it's file name.