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About MS Agent Voices

Artificial text to speech synthesis engines are a very complex and advanced technology which has been in development by research scientists for decades and is far beyond the capabilities of the average software programer and unfortunately technology has not quite developed to the point where artificial voice speech engines can produce the quality of a professional voice actress, but they really are not that far away and researchers all over the world are working on it. Artificial speech engine voices have come a long way in the last year or two, especially with the female voices. We keep a watchful eye on all the artificial intelligence voices in development and at the present time about the best that's been made available is offered free from our site. All voice pitches and speed can be adjusted and tweaked within the program which will give you a very custom sound to suit your preferences. These adjustments can be made within the program you are using to run your characters, like CyberBuddy for example. To select voices and make adjustments refer to the CyberBuddy's HELP in the program or check our FAQ. The British female voice is arguably the best sounding english female voice plus several versions of the Microsoft Mary voice are also pretty decent but not quite as efficient in pronouncing some words.

The British English voice engine is the default recommended voices for DesktopMates characters and can be downloaded free from here ...

Commercial grade AT&T voices are also available. Be sure to check out AT&T's Audrey British English voice, we personally think this is one of the most unique and expressive sounding computer generated voices available.
AT&T Natural Voices

If you experiment a bit you can find the right voice and get it to sound pretty decent, but understand this is artificial intelligent voice engines and they will sound a bit robotic. It's really not that the actual sound of the voice is that bad it's has more to do with the fact artificial speech researchers quite haven't figured out how to create artificial voice engines to be make certain words expressive when used in various phrase situations, but they are working on it and they are getting closer all the time and when they achieve this, the artificial voices will actually be far more superior than that of the average real human voice. For example ... take a dozen average women and record them saying something and you'll be extremely lucky to find even one that you will be satisfied with that has an expressive, clear, sexy sounding voice. We listened to samples of close to 100 voices supplied by professional voice actresses to find just one we felt met the critera for our flash presentations. Even though artificial speech engines may not yet be the quality of a sexy professional voice actress, the fact that you can have this interactive character talk to you, nevertheless is pretty darn cool!