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Answerpad Plus Answerpad is an old legacy program which is no longer being developed and relies on Microsoft's VB6.0 runtimes which Microsoft no longer supports and was never facilitated in 64 bit versions, therefore it will only run on 32 bit systems.

For now we still make Answerpad available for those still using XP and 32bit systems. However, with some degree of difficulty it is possible to install Microsoft's VB6.0 runtimes and run Answerpad on 64bit systems.

Windows 10: It's extremely difficult to try and get Answerpad running on Windows 10 and therefore not recommended.

What is Answerpad?

Answerpad is a program that will memorize any statement that is entered into it. A user may then ask it questions in plain English and Answerpad will try to answer by processing the information within its memory. Answerpad also has the ability to speak aloud and will let you speak to it by using speech recognition.

Answerpad is a great entry level program to Artificial Intelligence, it's easy to use and understand and provides hours of entertainment chatting with your favorite character as it learns new things from your conversions. Answerpad is completely free with no trial versions or upgrades to purchase and is compatible with all DesktopMates characters.


Answerpad has options to allow or not to allow swearing. In order for Answerpad to know which words are actually swear words, many of the commonly known swear words have already been compiled into it's database. If you allow Answerpad the freedom to swear you must expect and be prepared to hear foal language. Also, all AI programs tend to be little parrots that will repeat any information it's been fed, it stores all info that you feed it during conversations, as this is how it learns. Therefore, it's not recommended as a toy for your children to play with.


Download the zip file and unzip the folder and it's contents anywhere on your system such as in "My Documents" etc. Answerpad is a simple non-intrusive program that requires no special installation and is easy on your system resources, simply open the folder and click on the Answerpad-Plus.exe file to run Answerpad. If you wish you can also create a shortcut of the exe file to your desktop for easier access.

The first time you start Answerpad you will need to make some basic settings either from the "Command" menu or by asking Answerpad to do it for you. Most option settings that you select will remain the default even after exiting for the next time you use Answerpad.

Answerpad can also open many of your programs for you. For example if you want to open a program that you have installed in your programs directory, such as "Notepad" for example, simply say "Start the program called Notepad". Additional instructions on how to have Answerpad open other programs for you are included in the "TIPS" file.

For detailed instructions on how to use or troubleshoot Answerpad refer to the "TIPS" readme and "DesktopMates Help" files located in the Answerpad folder.

Answerpad Download

Answerpad is provided free for personal use only and was originally developed by David Whalley who reserves all rights to the original source code. Answerpad has been enhanced by various entities and authors (including and by choosing to download and use Answerpad you agree that it's provided "As Is" and is free of any obligations for warranties, liabilities, harm, or support by either David Whalley, or any other person or entity.